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Management Place Requirement For Water Roller


Management Place Requirement for Water roller

              1.Water area requirement :The water depth is up to 40 cm and the pool bottom is level and no sharp things, the water surface and shores no sharp thing to avoid damaging the roller for safe. The water quality is neuter and no causticity things. Such as in the Multifunctional Pool, the water depth is up to 30 cm, the pool should be put down the level earth or sand beach, no sharp  things.

               2.Dock requirement:the dock should be built according the suitable situation and be with steps or ladder extending to 30 cm under the water to make the clients easily enter into the roller and on shore.

       3、Place requirement:Make sure no sharp things in the earth; prefer to pave the carpet or waterproof cloth. There is store ark for the clients. 

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