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Model gas introduction

Model gas and that inflatable model, is in the mid 1990 s domestic only appeared a new advertising media, it is the biggest characteristic is involved. In building up the brand and promotion process has irreplaceable function of advertising, easy to form grand lively activity scene. Its appearance, to enlarge the people to the product infinite imagination, arouses people's curiosity, tease people's shopping desire, through the show image lifelike, tall vivid modelling, bring people strong visual impact and relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the people to deepen the understanding of the product image and brand, has a good publicity effect.

Statistics show that China's annual has thousands of of funds for all kinds of product promotion and celebration consumption, and increasing year by year. All kinds of opening ceremony, commercial exhibition, new product launches, product promotion, wedding birthday emerge in endlessly, the great variety of festivals such as the Spring Festival, the National Day, valentine's day, Christmas day, telecommunications, and the HuanBaoRi...... Almost every week, more building opening ceremony, the building was completed, the foundation stone laying ceremony, completion of the project, and so on, contain the unlimited business opportunities. This one arch, a column, cartoon model gas products are important role, not only can build model gas was the activities of the warm atmosphere, but also in the model gas released on visible ads. Investment is the industry and the market foreground is very wide.
Now most of the city no gas mold factory, have spirit mold factory city, and only a, two factory.
The industry is one of the biggest good: a way to trade, is a hand in money, a delivery, doesn't exist defaults. Because the model gas most custom-made, or to factory take delivery. 
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