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Model gas industry development

Model gas in the advertising industry is used widely in the national and even world class to large section, celebrations, small to enterprise unit organizations, individual, family and subtle commodity advertisements, and are used to model gas products. Model gas industry in China's rise is not long, just seven, eight years, but the development at breakneck speed. In order to make all of the development of the our country model gas understand, I want to talk a little about the topic of superficial understanding.

First, the Chinese model gas of industry development foundation
Inflatable model can rapidly in China's rise, because of the development of market economy in China, for it has the growth of the soil and conditions, in today's highly developed information society, advertising the market economy of new, more and more become the focus of competition businessman, and advertising became an important business war battlefield, model gas products just in time arises at the historic moment, and became the new advertising on advertising campaigns media, play other widely
Against the media the role that cannot be replaced. Practice proves that the model gas advertising products in building up the brand and promotion process propagating effect is good, because it has enough space to regional, to enlarge the people for some products of the infinite imagination, can through the image lifelike, tall vivid modelling, the enormous momentum, brings strong visual impact, can in a relaxing atmosphere to deepen people product image and the understanding of the famous brand, from
And to achieve a better propaganda effect, such as using launch balloons advertising, the people's thinking and visual brought to the vast sky, infinite daydream; Rainbow arches with advertising momentum magnificent, gorgeous luxurious, with Chinese traditional dragon, wind, fish mascot of many kinds of modelling, more elegant chic;
With cartoon gas accidentally advertising, image exaggeration, match with language action, cute, people loved, easy to accept. Model gas POP GuangGaoWu, small volume, light weight, good air-tightness, its cabinet model can be in a variety of publicity activities in optional combination, create more intensive strong propaganda effect.
Together with the cost of inflatable products far lower than other media, so the more frequent use of in advertising, all kinds of businesses compete to imitate, more promoted the model gas products market rapid development, production model gas by the enterprise in the 1992 national only several to today's hundreds of varieties also consists of a single balloon development to all kinds of inflatable model, the product appearance condition.
2: model gas of industry development direction
Model gas products as advertising field of the important carrier, the market space is large, wide usage, use at present situation, the market use mainly in the following four aspects.
First, the user enterprise advertising, the enterprises' anniversary celebrations or other celebration activities, enterprise brand new launch and old brands consolidated; Enterprise well-knownness and the establishment of the product prestige, with model gas advertising products, and in competitive advertising, between enterprise follow each other, upgrades, use more widely, the market potential.
Secondly, used for the social public places. Could drop in tourist attractions, entertainment, shopping, restaurants, parks, station, port and airport, use scope expanding, and also can do large market environment packaging, used for rich city business culture, rich people's living environment.
Third, social groups for large section and etiquette celebration, creating a grand, enthusiastic, happy atmosphere, make activity has the charisma, shock, produce a sensation effect, the organizer is happy to use model gas.
Its 4 it is abroad to the international market, model gas advertising products used very extensively, as long as there is advertising will use gas mould product, as long as there's a celebration event will use gas model products, China's market so, foreign market also need model gas advertising products.
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