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Zorb Ball

Hamster Ball(XGZ-023)

Hamster Ball(XGZ-023)
  • Model Number : XGZ-023
  • Name : inflatable zorbing ball
  • Size : 1.8m/2.6m or i/o 2.0m/3.0m
  • Material : TPU or PVC 1.0MM
  • Weight :
  • Packing Size :
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1. Zorb ball for fun 

               Hot Air Machine




             High-Frequency Welder  for zorb ball 




             Vavle for zorb ball 




             Pump for zorb ball 




               Belt  for zorb ball (you can choose the color of the belt red,yellow,blue and so on )




2. Details for zorbing ball:



Item Name Zorb Ball
Size(Demison) Outside dia 3m, inside dia 2.1m or customise
Material TPU 1.0MM or PVC 1.0MM
Accessories handles, rope, portable blower, glue, repair kits
Packing 95*75*75cm Gross weight: 75 KG
  Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, Green or customize
Item Picture Size material Packing size Weight(kg)
Zorb ball   i/o 1.8m/2.6m PVC 1.0MM 90x65x50cm 75KG
i/o 2.0m/3.0m PVC 1.0MM 100x65x58cm 85KG
i/o 1.8m/2.6m TPU1.0MM 90x73x55cm 68KG
i/o 2.0m/3.0m TPU1.0MM 90x75x58cm 78Kg
zorb ball Maximum players 2 persons
Application location grassplot, snow field, zorb ramp
Price term EXW, FOB, CFR are optional
Leadtime in 7 days after receipt of 50% deposit
Shipment term by sea, by air, by express are optional
Payment term T/T or Western union(50% deposit, balance before shipment)
Quantity of air pump
  1pc CE pump/foot pump
Weight of air pump 2kgs/pc, 20x15x15cm
Free accessories repairing kit, carriage bag,1pc air pump, foot pump are available




3. photos for zorb in our factoty 










4. How to use the zorb ball for fun 

                 1, Please use lubricant for zip to open the ball;
                 2, People go inside the ball (1 or 2 at most)
                 3, Use the air pump to inflate the water ball fully;
                 4, Close the zip tightly and let the ball go into water via slope.
                 5, Stock it in dry and cool condition and don't use it on land


3. zorbing ball Usage Steps:


                      (1)Inflate your ZORB BALL with our attached air pump.

                (2)Find the entrance , some have one entrance, some two entrances

                (3)Take off all sharp things with you, including high heels, mobile, watch, etc, leave them out of ball or put them in the shoe bag and grocery bag.

                (4)Fasten your seat belts, and check again to make sure the safety

4. Warning

                 (1)  Persons have heart diseases, hypertension, or weak physique are not suitable to participate in this activity.

             (2)  Less than 10 years old kids and more than 55 years elders are not suitable to play in the ball.

             (3)  Don't bring any sharp things into the ball, so is high heels. And make sure no sharp things on rolling places.

             (4)  After fastenyour seat belts, please check again to make sure you are firmly strapped.

             (5) After the ball stops, please don't come out at once, just stay for two or three minutes there.


 5 Maintain & Storage for zorbing ball

                    (1)Disinfect and clean the ball regularly.

               (2)Check the ball before using. Any damage, please mend it with our repairing kit and glue.

               (3)After use, please remove sundries outside and inside the ball.

               (4)Before packing, make sure the ball is clean and dry.Then store it in cool and dry place.






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