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Kid Hand Boat

Kids Hand Paddle Boat(KHB-004)

Kids Hand Paddle Boat(KHB-004)
  • Model Number : KHB-004
  • Name : Kids Hand Paddle Boat
  • Size : 152*93*33cm or 128*82*28cm
  • Material : LG plastic
  • Weight : 18KG or 28KG
  • Packing Size : 153*93*33cm or 129*83*33cm
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Kids Hand Boat Product Description

New Style Paddle Boat is an intersting, attractive and relaxed entertainment activity not only suitable for adults but also for kids. People can enjoy their joys while exercising. Meanwhile, you can completely enjoy the pleasure playing with the water.

1 Basic information for Kids Power Paddle Boat:

  (1) Name: 2012 New Style Paddle Boat
  (2) Material: LG plastic
  (3)Optional size:
                   152*93*33cm(big ones for adults and kids),
                    128*82*28cm(for kids)
 (4) Load weight: 150kg(big boat), and 50kg(small one)
 (5) Gross weight: Big boat: About 27kg or so, small one: About 17kg or so
 (6) Package size: 153*93*33cm(big ones) and 129*83*33cm(small ones), standard export carton
(7)  Certificate: CE and en71 approved
(8)  Delivery time: Within 10days after receiving the payment
(9) Payment terms: T/T, or western union acceptable

2 . Usage of 2012 New Style Kids Hand Paddle Boat:

      2012 New Style  Kids Hand Paddle Boat is Suitable for both kids and adults. Also Welcomed by amusement park, aqua park, supermarket, children's palace, Backyard,inflatable swiming pool ,swming Pool , schools, and so on...Can be palyed in swimming pool, lake, river, or other water area. Inddor and outdoor both suitable.


3.  Packing, Payment & Delivery Details of 2012 New Style Kids Hand Paddle Boat
               Packing standard export carton, or as your request
               Packing Size 152*93*33cm for big boat and 128*82*28cm for small one, 16Kgs.
               Gross Weight 18kg
               Payment T / T, or Western Union
               Delivery Terms:  By air, by sea, by courier( DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS )
               Delivery Time: Within a week after receiving of your payment 

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