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Inflatable Bumper Boat

Inflatable Bumper boat(IBB-006)

Inflatable Bumper boat(IBB-006)
  • Model Number : IBB-006
  • Name : Sea turtle Bumper Boat
  • Size : 155*120*55cm
  • Material : Imported LG
  • Weight : 25.5kg (without battery)
  • Packing Size : 126*68*33cm
Sea Turtle Bumper Boat,bumper boat,inflatable bumper boat


Inflatable Bumper Boat Description:

             1,Material: Plastics


             3  scientifical design: The coin acceptor can accept all kinds of permitted coin . Meanwhile, the display shows the remaining time

             4 safe design:It has alarm light, power indicator light too.

             5 style: we have innovated many beautiful style, such as Panda, Dog, Goose, Bear and so

             6 Construction: Seamless,injection blow molding product

             7 Inflatable part: Heavy duty inflator,weatherable,have three colour,red,green and blue

             8  Motor: 12 volt,permanent magnent, 2.5-3.5 A

             9  Steering: Stainless steel mechanical steering wheel linkage

            10  Propeller: 6.35 inch proprietary two-blade,high-pitch,molded plastic

            11  Battery :Sealed,maintainance-free rechargeable, 36 A/hr

            12  Running time: Up to 5 hours continuous

            13  Charger: Input AC 220 volt,output DC 12 volt

            14  Capacity: Maxweight 73 kg, height 39 to 66cm

            15  Use condition: The depth of water must be up 35 centimeter

            16  Batteries :  4pcs/bag: 46*33*23cm, 42.9kg or  5pcs/bag: 68*34*23cm, 55kg

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