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inflatable water roller(WR-001)

inflatable water roller(WR-001)
  • Model Number : (WR-001)
  • Name :
  • Size :
  • Material :
  • Weight :
  • Packing Size :
inflatable water roller Material: TPU or PVC,as required Kids size: 2.1mLx1.7Out Diax1.3 Inner Dia,or customized Adult size: 3.2mLx3.0m Out Diax2.4m Inner Dia,or customized


 inflatable water roller

Material:       TPU or PVC,as required                 
Kids size:      2.1mLx1.7Out Diax1.3 Inner Dia,or customized
Adult size:     3.2mLx3.0m Out Diax2.4m Inner Dia,or customized
Color  :        As you like
Technology:     Hot air welded (made with advanced welding machine                  import from USA)
Loading weight: Not more than 2 persons
Accessory :     CE/UL blower,repair kit(repair material and                 gluewater)


1)We can supply various inflatable water roller.

2)Inflatable water roller with good packing,good after service

3)Our inflatable water roller have different sizes for you choose.

4)Your logo can be printed on the inflatable water roller.

5)Inflatable water roller with many color for you choose

6)OEM inflatable water roller welcome

Quality Controlling:

1)We test each water roller for 3 days to ensure the toys seamed exactly well
2)We provide repair kit,which including material and glue for repairing in case 

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