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Inflatable pool floats

Water Float - Inflatable Swan

Water Float - Inflatable Swan
  • Model Number : PF- 002
  • Name : inflatable flamingo
  • Size : 190CM
  • Material : 0.3MM PVC
  • Weight : 2.5KGS
  • Packing Size : 40*30*30CM
Pool Float Giant Swan Pool Float Cheap Inflatable Swan Float Inflatable Pool Floats


1.inflatalbe Flamingo swan,inflatable swan




Material: 0.3MM PVC
Inflated product dimensions: 200CM*200CM*145 CM
weight: 3KGS
Package dimensions:  




Capacity weight 300KGS
Warranty: 3 years  
Workmanship:  airtight,air sealed,once inflated
Free of charge accessories: repair kit
Chargeable accessories:  



2. About the Inflatable swan.

    Inflatable shite swan  is great for a fun and playful or relaxing day out in the sun.The combination of size and  strength makes this float ideal for lounging or riding. The float has built-in handles on the head of the float for a secure ride.The Giant Inflatable Giant Flamingo is a fun and enjoyable addition to a day at the pool. Take a ride on the back of the pool Gaint flamingo, the inflatable flamingo or Whale ride-on toy, Whether you want to relax or play, the Giant Flamingo a great float will bring much happy time for you .

3. Application for Inflatable Giant swan

     Inflatable Giant swan can be frequently used in frequently used in Amusement park, Water Park, Beach, Public Garden, Leisure Center, Kindergarten, Home Yard, Birthday Party, Mall, Festival Activities, Commercial Display and so on.

4. Our  Quality :

    1.Our material is complied with EN-71, ASTM F963, REACH, ROHS test standard.We promise never use second material, never reduce the thinkness of material.

    2.The life span of inflatable is above 5years if work normally depending on the feedback of customers,please be care of the sharp objects,it will prick the material and the air will flow out.   All of our components can be changed for free within 3 year under normal work,but shipping cost is to be charged to your account.


5. Attention Please: 

Our price or order amount do not include any duties or handling charges in destination countries. The buyer has to pay (if any) import duties,storage fee, or any other handling charges at destination country.  Thanks





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